What salesperson profile does your customer value?

seller profile

Are you valued by your customer? See the types of seller profiles that customers like best – and that bring the most sales results

If you know a few salespeople, you know that there are different types of salespeople, with different ways of working and different ways of conducting the sales process.

But, like everything else in life, some salespeople seem to have more positive results with their personality and the way they act with customers.

They seem to have more charisma, know their market better, and are better received by potential customers than others. What’s different about them? After all, what is the ideal salesperson profile?

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Profile of the professional seller

Often it’s just the style of selling. How you conduct the sales process and deal with the customer makes a big difference. And that’s when they stand out.

Obviously, every salesperson wants to be more likely to sell and to be successful in their sales process.

And for that, it would be great if you knew which salesperson profile your customer (or potential customer) values. So that you can do as much as possible to approach that profile and increase your chance of success.

Here are 5 types of sellers that are most valued by customers and others involved in the business process.


What is your seller profile?

Each professional has a different sales profile. But is there an ideal salesperson profile?

#1. Relationship builders

By definition, a relationship builder is generous with time, strives to meet every need and resolve any tensions.

They try to get along with everyone, as a prime trait. And since selling is about building relationships with people, they are always 1 step ahead of everything else.

These salespeople know that relationships are the key to successful sales and end up being true advocates for customers within their companies.

In this way, in addition to taking their relationships with customers as a priority in their lives. This type of salesperson is always getting new contacts, as their customers feel well represented, knowing they are doing their best to serve them in the best possible way.

A healthy, mature relationship is the key to sales success, and relationship builders know how to do it.

#two. Problem solvers

This is the kind of salesperson who is always positioning themselves as a problem solver for their customers.

If relationship builders are looking for new relationships to build and new people to connect with, problem solvers are looking for new opportunities to help a potential customer.

He knows well what his prospect’s problem is, and he knows well how he feels when he can’t solve it. Therefore, he always touches on a client’s pain point, showing how the problem can be resolved.

As they are always looking for issues to solve, this is a great way to find new and potential customers.

Are you always looking for ways to solve your customer’s problems and serve them? You can be a “problem solver”.


#3. The hard workers

These are the professionals who are always selling. They are not always promoting your product, nor selling directly to your customers, or presenting it to your prospects.

But all hard workers do is think of an outcome related to the sale. Even if it’s not an immediate sale.

Generally, when we talk about hard workers, we are talking about that type of salesperson who works hard, who always has cards in his wallet, and who often, even at a romantic dinner, can find a few minutes to exchange cards and meet new people.

They are always thinking about sales, and thinking about how they can find new prospects, how they can help a new prospect they have found, and so on.

This is how the hard worker sales profile works. And they usually can’t separate professional and personal life. They are always doing the 2 things together.

#4. The lone wolves

Lone wolves are those salespeople who like to work alone. They usually have their own sales process, and they don’t mingle with the rest of the sales team.

They have their own way of doing things and have a peculiar way of seeing their role within an organization.

While these lone wolves are hard to find within an organization, as many companies prize teamwork and teamwork, they still have a lot to deliver to their customers.

Because of this, they often end up being sales representatives, as they prefer to look for companies that respect their way of working, rather than companies that try to change their habits.

Thus, even with good results, they are constantly disconnected from the companies, for not complying with rules or using the systems that companies adopt.

Remember: despite being lone wolves and having their own sales methods, this type of salesperson is very successful with customers.

You don’t follow the rules of the system, don’t use a lot of technology and prefer to do things yourself? You can be a “lone wolf”.

#5. The challengers

The challengers use their deep understanding of what they sell and its customers to take control of the business process.

They are not afraid to share their controversial views as they are assertive and know what they are saying, why they are saying it, and most importantly how to say it.

The defining characteristics of challengers are: offering customers unique perspectives, strong communication skills, being driven to generate value for customers and drive business results, and great timing.

This is very important if we want a salesperson who can influence their customers and always sell with quality.

These are strategic professionals, who are always interested in shortening the sales process and reaching as many people as possible for their business.

Challengers certainly love the sales challenge and are ready to deliver the numbers that companies need, influencing their customers and opening the market.

What type of salesperson suits you best?

Now that you know the 5 types of sellers most valued by your customers, where do you stand?

Are you the client attorney type, who takes your client first and defends them within your company? The lone wolf, who doesn’t bow to corporate rules, but who knows a lot about sales? The hard workers who are always thinking of sales? Or the challengers, who are meticulous salespeople, always trying to improve their knowledge and results?

Regardless of the category you are in or your professional salesperson profile, it is important to understand that your role as a salesperson is always to serve the customer, show how your company can help without ever putting pressure on them.

Good salespeople need to use influence to move customers forward, never pressure.

It is precisely this that will make you achieve the success and results expected by your company, without this, you will pass over your customers.

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