Meet the 5 best sellers in the world for inspiration

best sellers in the world


Do you sometimes feel unmotivated to run your business? Discover the lives of the best sellers in the world who became entrepreneurs!

It’s always good to look up to someone, look for models to follow. And in the business world, there are many entrepreneurs whose story can inspire and motivate you on your journey.

How about checking out some motivational stories for sellers? Read on and see examples of successful sellers!

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5 great sellers to get inspired

The 5 best sellers in the world

Who never thought they’re the best seller in the world? If your dream is to become a successful salesperson, nothing better than being inspired by the trajectory of some of the greatest salespeople in the world!

1- Joe Girard

The Guinness Book considers Joe Girard “the world’s greatest car salesman.”

Therefore, it could not be left out of our list of the best sellers in the world.

Girard was born to a poor family in Detroit. Already married, struggling to support his family, he asked a dealership manager for a job.

Since there were already many salespeople in the firm and few clients to serve, Girard offered to take in clients.

Equipped with a small table at the back of the room, a telephone directory, and a telephone, Girard began making random calls, offering cars, and on his first day on the job, he landed his first sale. The following month, he sold 18 vehicles.

Working at Margolis Chevrolet, Girard became the biggest car salesman in the world. One of his capture techniques was called the “stalker system”, through which clients could refer other clients and earn a commission of 25 dollars for each deal made.

According to him, a third of his sales came from this system. Some characteristics of Girard’s work:

Motivation and commitment: planning, willpower, ability to seize and create sales opportunities, unavailability for “wheelchair” chats;

Business card: through it, Girard “imprinted” his brand on the customer, opening up new sales opportunities;

The Girard Act of 250: according to it, each person knows, on average, another 250 people during their lifetime. If treated well, they will give your name positively;

Lasting relationships: Girard knew how to create relationships and keep them, sent thanks to customers for the purchase made, did not cut ties, and created friendships.

Today, Girard is a millionaire who has proven that, even without higher education, it is possible for man to grow and conquer space in the business world.

2- Steve Jobs

Many don’t realize this, but Jobs was, without a doubt, one of the best salespeople in the world.

The adopted son of a Syrian and an American, Jobs developed a passion for electronics from an early age, repairing and renovating cars in his father’s garage. At the end of high school, he gets a job at the company of engineer Larry Lang.

With Stephen Wozniak, he developed a version of a device that made long-distance calls. And it was with Wozniak and two other colleagues that, in 1976, he founded the first Apple computer.

Then Jobs’ team founded the Apple II in 1977. The Apple III and Lisa both struggled to sell, but the payoff came with the Macintosh.

Due to internal problems, Jobs left Apple, founded Next Computers and acquired Pixar, which, in partnership with Disney, produced successful animations. Jobs’ return influenced the creation of the iMac 3G, iPod, iPhone and iTunes.

Today, even after Jobs passed away, Apple has become the most valuable company in the world. He was a determined man, who knew how to deal with failures and revolutionized the world of computers, digital music (making it accessible to a greater number of consumers) and tablets, enabling its production.–Online-and-Offline-Marketing-Tools

best sellers in the world

3- Jordan Belfort

Dubbed “the Wolf of Wall Street”, despite his turbulent life, Belford passes on some lessons in entrepreneurship. At 23, he sold meat and seafood from house to house on Long Island.

In a few months, it grew a lot and filled trucks with goods. He worked for several stock brokers. Along with Kenneth Greene, Belford opened a franchise of Stratton Securities, a second-tier brokerage. Five months of work were enough to guarantee the purchase of the entire company. Today, Belford owns 80% of Stratton Oakmont.

To sell his shares, he hired and trained young sellers. Its “Kodak corner” technique proved to be efficient: the first option offered is not an unknown type of paper, but a blue-chip (usually Kodak).

The company’s employees make around U$85 thousand per year. Belford invests in companies that promise little and manage to make a fortune.

He is an example of an ambitious salesperson who persuades and encourages his employees through rousing speeches and happy meetings; communicates well with wealthy people to make their businesses successful. For him, making money is a priority.

Therefore, it is considered one of the best sellers in the world.

best sellers in the world

4- Alexander Costa

It was time to include a Brazilian in our list of the best sellers in the world.

As a teenager, Alexander helped his mother sell chocolate: he took orders, passed them on to the supplier and received the goods. After working for a while at a gas station, he returned to the chocolate business.

It managed to sell 2,000 50g Easter eggs, but its supplier did not have 50g eggs. Upon discovering his error, Alexander visited 20 wholesalers in search of the product and did not find it. He met Dona Clause, his first employee, who agreed to make eggs at home.

Alexander himself helped her make the eggs and managed to honor her commitment. On that day, in a private kitchen, Cacao Show was born.

Today, the company has 5 factories in all. Cacao Show is the largest producer of fine chocolates in the world and the largest producer of truffles in South America. It is also one of the largest chocolate retail chains.

Alexander usually says that facing challenges is better than complaining and advises people to take the initiative and not fear their mistakes.

best sellers in the world

5- John Davison Rockefeller

Son of a logger father and domestic mother, he got a job at age sixteen as an office assistant. He was dedicated to work and soon learned all the techniques related to his activity.

Because it is economical, it managed to save money for later investments.

Then, in the company of a friend, he founded a food business to, in 1869, found an oil refinery — a fuel that had been replacing whale oil in lighting.

Rockefeller founded Standard Oil, which, little by little, dominated trade in the US and guaranteed a monopoly on the refining and marketing of oil in the country. With his partners, he bought several companies that guaranteed him a personal wealth of US$900 million.

As well as being one of the best sellers in the world, he was a famous philanthropist and, adjusting his fortune at the time to inflation, he is considered the richest man in history!

Rockefeller left a message of determination and discipline, of commitment and willpower that still spurs many American businessmen today.

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