How to Convey Confidence: 5 Things You Might Be Doing Wrong!

A seller’s credibility is their passport to new customers. Learn how to convey confidence and improve your credibility.

A long time ago, in the distant past and nothing like our reality today, if you were a salesperson, the company you worked for and the product you sold were more important than your sales skills.

Today, knowing how to convey trust to customers is essential.

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How to convey trust to customers

You may remember the famous saying: “no one gets fired for buying IBM”. Purchasing a leading brand in its market was often seen as the most obvious and safest route for a buyer to take.

But that has changed. Established companies are suffering from sales problems and going through crises.

We can conclude this because major camera manufacturers are being replaced by cell phones. Or other service companies that are becoming obsolete because of payment gateways and startups that are revolutionizing the market.

And what about the threat of VoIP telephony to standard telephone operators, until then sovereign market leaders?

The list only grows with time.

How to pass credibility?

In the past, buyers were educated by large companies with large marketing budgets, who advocated that their purchases should be made with leading companies.

But that has changed. Today we are witnessing the democratization of information.

As buyers become more and more intelligent (and really savvy), they have more options available to them, and contrary to some recent theories, the importance of a good seller is increasing.

How you sell is much more important than what you sell – and the effectiveness of how you sell is determined solely by your credibility with your customer.

If you, as a salesperson, don’t know how to convey confidence and demonstrate credibility when meeting with your potential customers, you will fail.

Unfortunately this is the truth. And it’s why senior executives have attended sales meetings in 25% of cases where a large company buys.

So remember that bad impact on a potential customer during the sales process can ruin your sale.

Here are the biggest credibility killers you need to avoid in your business.

how to convey trust

How do you take care of your credibility? Know that she is responsible for opening doors for you.

#1. Failing to show that you are the solution to the customer’s problem

Better than your own solutions, you need to know your customer. This requires a deep understanding of the challenges they face in key functions within the company.

When you understand the daily lives of the people involved with your solution, their problems and challenges, you are ready to show how your company can help.

Unless you, as a salesperson, demonstrate that you know and understand the impact of the solution on your customer, it’s going to be difficult to position your product as something positive. There’s no way to convey confidence without it!

Customers cannot see your product as just another problem. They need to see you as a solution to a problem they’ve always had.

#two. Thinking that customers don’t know enough about your product

Some time ago, the salesperson’s role was to communicate and show the value of their product, and how it works.

Today, any company that has a website already gives more than enough information for its potential customers to understand the importance of its products.

So, if the only thing you do is communicate about your products, you may end up being fired for not knowing how to add value.

What you as a salesperson need to do is create value in a unique way. Show how you and how your product can help solve a company’s problem X.

For that, you need to know the company, and know how this issue affects it. You need to know how to make an accurate business diagnosis so that your solution becomes the best medicine.

how to convey trust

Believe me: your customer researches you and your product before contacting you.

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#3. Rely on product marketing materials

If you run your sales meetings and processes based on products, presentations, and overviews of your solutions, you’re in trouble.

If you do, you will likely be categorized as a non-value-added supplier. The best companies focus on delivering value in insights that when used help put a flea in buyers’ ears.

With this, you can disturb buyers’ thinking and bring new perspectives that show how your solution is the best path to your potential customer’s problems.

Start by doing this: being assertive. Take a sharp shot at what your customer needs, showing information about the market that even he didn’t know. It’s a great way to convey confidence.

Once that’s done, move on to materials focused on your product only when the customer asks for more information.

#4. Assume that the person can make a purchase decision

The days when salespeople could just knock on their prospect’s door and close deals are long gone.

In a world of increasing complexity, today’s buyers are much more aware that they need to operationalize change in their organizations .

This usually requires the support and experience of many other people.

Asking for the order, without addressing the needs of each of these individuals, and helping them understand the internal relationships between those needs will underscore the fact that you don’t understand how your business works. Then there is no way to convey confidence!

Your job is to help people build consensus around their interdependent needs.

how to convey trust

Not all companies can choose to buy your product right away.

#5. Not knowing the customer’s problem

If there’s a way to ensure that you have terrible credibility with your buyer, you can still act like an amateur.

Let’s imagine you have a date with an influencer . He’s been busy for a long time because he’s trying to solve a problem. And expects you to give some guidance in that regard.

So you make this fatal mistake. You start the conversation with “then tell me more about your business. What is it that is troubling you? ”.

This is certainly not the best way to start your sales approach.

As a salesperson, you need to have common sense and know what problems your potential customer may be having, and what keeps them up at night.

You need to have ideas to share, experiences you’ve gleaned from companies with similar problems, or experiences you’ve learned from your peers.

how to convey trust

Your credibility and your confidence are your biggest selling weapons.

Are you ready? Do you already know how to convey trust to the customer?

Your credibility and your confidence are your biggest selling weapons. They are difficult to build and you need to spend them wisely.

You need to be the bearer of good news, bring news to your customers, and still show what you came for.

Only when you know what your customer needs, how to solve their problem, and behave like an expert from the start, are you ready to make people believe in you.

And when people believe in you, they end up trusting your solution and buying what you have to offer.

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