How can CRM double your sales results?

CRM can also help you improve your sales

How about doubling your sales through CRM? We’ve selected some tips that will make this possible

Many salespeople believe that the CRM system is their number 1 enemy. They believe that a CRM means a lot of bureaucracy and does not directly influence the sales result.

Unfortunately, they’ve never been so wrong. After all, CRM is an intelligence tool that helps sales teams, salespeople, managers and executives to have an overall picture of their performance.

After all, every company needs to know what sold, what didn’t sell, and what opportunities are still in its funnel.

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Bottom of Form

This is the best way for everyone to plan sales, know where they went wrong and what needs to be done to improve.

On the other hand, if you’re thinking of the CRM system just as a way to add a little more efficiency, or improve your customer service, you’re missing out on a big opportunity.

CRM can also help you improve your sales – or even double them. Imagine you today with double sales, surely you would have other concerns, wouldn’t you?

Everyone wants to increase sales, don’t they? So, we’ve selected 11 tips for you to double your sales using a CRM and thus turn your prospects into customers.

CRM can also help you improve your sales

#1. Share information among your sales team

Coordinate your activities when your company is contacting your leads and delivering your sales pitch. We’ve all been in a position to receive multiple phone calls from the same company.

It seems like the right hand doesn’t know what the left hand is doing, like there’s no organization.

This is probably not a company that customers want to do business with, is it?!

#two. Keep track of the sales process

Do you have a 5-step process or sales system to keep your team tracking leads and closing sales?

If you want to make sure your sales team is following your process to the letter, a CRM system can be great for monitoring that too.

Your salespeople may tell you that they have followed through on every step, but now you have a way to ensure that.

Take full control of the sales process with CRM.

#3. Keep the sales manager up to date

In addition to keeping control over the sales force, CRM keeps the sales manager up to speed on everything that’s going on.

Thus, it is possible to monitor the offers that the sales team makes, in addition to keeping track of each phase of the deal, including offers in the closing phase or those that have already been completed.

In short, CRM allows your sales manager to keep the sales process under control.

#4. Better allocate your sales resources

Larger customers may need more resources from your sales team.

This can mean more resources to allocate as a priority to these customers, and then to continue to provide good service throughout the business relationship.

CRM system allows you to quickly see how your sales resources are allocated. This makes it easy to make smart decisions about how best to manage your team with customers.

#5. Let your team members know where they are

Your sales team members need to know how they’re doing. Are they meeting their sales targets? If not, how much longer to reach them?

An important step in self-improvement is understanding how to measure each salesperson’s performance. CRM can help your salespeople gauge their performance and strive to improve.

#6. An easy way to share sales materials

Give your team an easy way to share sales materials and other documents. That way everyone wins.

This helps people improve their performance and ultimately close more sales.

It is also possible to save time and increase the efficiency of your sales department this way. If your team is spread out geographically, sharing is even more important.

CRM may be the best tool for you to share sales materials.

#7. Simplify reporting

CRM systems simplify many aspects of a sales force’s life. This includes activities and sales reports.

This can be done in a simpler way with CRM.

After all, all a salesperson, manager or executive needs to do to have a report is choose the metrics they want to monitor (target, number of prospects, number of customers, etc.).

This makes it much easier for your company to access and monitor important data. Then sellers can take the time to sell more.

#8. Create an online lead generation system

You can create a form on your website to capture leads and then work them into your sales process through CRM.

Once captured, the lead is forwarded to the seller for contact. This is a great way to manage the leads you receive and take advantage of sales opportunities.

#9. Keep track of important contacts

Small business owners tend to want to maintain control over everything. This includes contacting important prospects.

When the information is all inside the CRM, companies know that the customer’s contact is theirs, not just the salesperson.

Many salespeople keep in touch with customers under their responsibility, so when they are disconnected, the customer base can accompany them to another company.

Using a CRM, the contact of the customer or prospect belongs to the company, not the salesperson, and everything is centralized in the system.

#10. Remember your tasks with notifications

Just as you need to keep tabs on important sales and prospects, salespeople often need reminders about next steps and new actions.

The CRM system provides notifications and reminders about contacts and sales opportunities that salespeople may have missed.

In this way, the salesperson maintains control of the sales process and still makes the most of every opportunity.

CRM is a great tool to remind you of your tasks and customers.

#11. Use CRM to connect with potential customers

If your CRM connects with maps, you can optimize your time when visiting customers.

Who needs a sales call, or an email when a face-to-face meeting might be possible, when your prospect is close to a customer?

When registering your business opportunities, the CRM can also help you organize your business visits and get the best performance out of meetings and meetings with maps showing the location of customers and prospects.

So, between visits to customers, you can follow-up on your potential customers.

Are you ready to double your sales?

Now that you know how CRM intelligence can help your company double your sales, all you have to do is choose the best CRM system and implement it as quickly as possible.

CRM is certainly a great opportunity to sell more, get to know your sales process better and still have your sales numbers in the palm of your hand.

In addition to increasing your performance, CRM reduces the time your company spends planning your sales, as it organizes your information so that it can be accessed in real-time.