Attracting real estate clients: combine your talent as a broker with technology

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Customer relationship is a key feature for any realtor.

Housing is the dream of many people and involves the whole family, making the acquisition or rental of a place to live in a highly complex decision, with a long cycle and high investment.

At the other end, property owners who want to sell or rent them are also real estate clients.

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And we cannot forget investors or those looking for commercial properties, such as offices, stores and businesses.

The clientele of a real estate agency is wide and varied. Therefore, some of them are specialized in certain profiles mentioned above, while others serve all of them.

In this article, we are going to go through some empowerment tips for real estate clients.

You will see that, regardless of the focus of this business, a few tips for realtors to attract clients can be useful for all of them, whatever the type of client they are looking for.

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Attracting real estate clients: but which client profile?

Before we go through our tips on how to get clients to real estate agencies, it is important to define what type of client you or your real estate company serve.

In fact, it is necessary to understand more than that: which is the ideal client for your real estate?

For example a real estate company that works with high-end residential properties in upscale neighborhoods, may not be interested in serving young students who come from the countryside to study in a capital and are looking for small cheap apartments for rent, along with 2 or 3 colleagues .

There is no way to attract real estate clients without defining one or more semi-fictional profiles that represent the best clients for the business, the so-called personas.

For this, it is necessary to study the customers that the company already has, check which are the most profitable and create these profiles, with a name and other behavioral characteristics of the customers. This will help in capturing real estate clients more accurately.

Something like:

“Carlos Eduardo is 27 years old and recently married, he is living on rent with his wife, but he saved some money and wants to use the guarantee fund to give down a property. He works in the accounting area of ​​a medium-sized company, has a degree in accounting and is thinking of getting an MBA soon. He loves football and spends one weekend a month at his family’s farm in the countryside, having a barbecue”

Or this other:

“Maria Eduardo is 43 years old and is a new business manager at an advertising agency, works a lot, is married, has two children and is addicted to the gym. He wakes up at 5 am, works out, runs to work and doesn’t come home until night. He has a very high income, in addition to having inherited a good patrimony from his parents. Therefore, every two years, he usually buys a property for rent. He frequents expensive restaurants, nightclubs and spends his vacation abroad for one month a year”

Based on personas like these, attracting clients to real estate agencies will be more objective.

A CRM software is often very good to gather information, to identify these characteristics in their customers and define the personas.

But how to find this profile of people? How to get in touch with them?

Tips on how to capture clients, realtor, is what you will see now.

attracting real estate clients

4 Tips for Realtor Acquiring Clients

We have selected 4 ways to attract clients to the real estate, see each of them in more detail:

1- Word of mouth

There is no doubt that practicing a sale that meets the needs of the personas in full will be the key for the realtor who wants to succeed.

Getting known with that professional who cares about helping people find exactly what they are looking for, whether to buy or rent, work or live, is everything a broker wants most.

In this area, personal recommendations are important for both investors and individuals.

So, be the broker of people’s dreams and don’t forget to hand out lots of business cards, lots of them!

2- Relationship network

A realtor needs to know a lot of people. Attracting real estate clients, as we said, involves a good skill in building relationships.

It’s important to meet people and let them know you’re a stockbroker. Don’t push the envelope by offering or bragging about it. Just expand your relationships by participating in clubs, communities and groups, whether virtual or physical.

A tip is to partner with notary offices and law and accounting offices. You can either refer customers to them or vice versa. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that and everyone wins.

But remember: you will only get referrals if you are a real broker known for solving customer problems!

3- Social networks

Participation in social media should be discreet and non-intrusive.

A real estate profile on Facebook and Integra, showing properties with photos, in an unpretentious way, helps to publicize it.

The contents can also contain tips on how to rent, sell or find properties and links to the company’s blog, as we will comment later.

For the broker, using Facebook, Integra and more personal media like these may not be the best option.

LinkedIn may be a better option, but without showing real estate, just talking about it and showing yourself as a professional who knows your field deeply.

LinkedIn is not a place to advertise real estate, but to showcase your professional skills with articles about your profession and how you help people solve their problems regarding buying, selling or renting real estate.

4- Content Marketing: real estate blog

The content marketing is one of the most effective marketing strategies to capture leads, especially for this type of complex sale and long cycle, as are real estate sales.

Contrary to what many people think, it is not enough to simply write anything on a blog. Let alone use this blog to advertise real estate.

Content marketing is about writing content that is relevant and of interest to your personas, things like, in the case of a real estate company: how to set a rental price; how much tax is paid when renting or selling; how to find interested in your property; tips for finding a good broker; how to make a lease etc.

To make sure you’re using the right themes, digital marketing tools are used to find out what your personas are searching for on Google.

By writing on these topics, you attract potential stakeholders to your blog, who appreciate the content, and are invited to download e-books, info graphics, and other more information-rich materials in exchange for contact details such as email and phone.