9 Techniques to Build the Perfect Sales Pitch with Practical Examples

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In this post you will find many sales pitch techniques with practical examples to use in your daily life.

But if you’re looking for an example of a complete sales pitch, with everything the salesperson needs to say throughout the conversation, sorry, that’s not how it works.

And for two basic reasons:

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Nothing worse than a robotic sales pitch, looking decorated and with little spontaneity. This arouses a lack of trust in the other party.

  1. Every business and every customer – especially every customer! – have different characteristics. You need to adapt your speech while talking. Remember: listen more than you talk!

That’s why, in this post, we’ve selected no less than 10 sales pitch techniques with examples for you to build the perfect pitch for your business.

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9 sales pitch techniques with examples

Check out these tactics to build a killer sales pitch, with clear, objective examples!

Some simple business etiquette tips, like getting started by introducing yourself and the company (very quickly!) and thanking you for the opportunity, we believe you already know.

1- Avoid complicating your speech: use language that is easy to understand

Compare these two sales pitch examples:

– From a market earnings perspective, using an attraction and content marketing approach, your financial metrics will point to a rising profit margin.


– If you create a blog with interesting content, you can attract many customers interested in your product and increase your sales.

Which of the two sales pitches is clearer? We believe the second, no?

Avoid jargon and excessive technicality. Unless you’ve studied your client and know that he or she understands the subject deeply and likes that kind of language.

2- Contour objections firmly, but without being arrogant

Never abruptly interrupt your customer.

When he’s finished speaking, start the sentence with a positive expression and then use some of the arguments you’ve already studied and know many customers question.

See an example of this in a sales pitch

– I completely understand your point of view! Many of our customers go through the same experience. But look at how this can be handled to reverse this situation…

Preferably illustrate with an actual case, statistic or testimony.

3- Adapt the content of your sales pitch to the time available

See a classic example of a question at the beginning of the sales pitch, right after the presentations:

– Do you have any commitments following the meeting? How much free time do you have for our conversation?

This is essential for the seller to adapt the depth of content and even eliminate some topics from the speech.

So, when reading all the sales pitch tips and examples presented in our post, please be aware of time constraints.

Furthermore, when asking this type of question, your interlocutor will realize that your interest is to be objective, to make a consultative sale, and not to interfere with his workday with “small talk”.

Forget about that ridiculous “salesman’s speech” story: create a professional and effective sales pitch!

The blog “O Zeppelin” created this info graphic with tips for those who need to make a sales pitch in 2 minutes:

4- Listen, listen, listen and then listen. Just then speak

Of course, if you don’t open your mouth, you won’t have a sales pitch. But people like to be listened to.

The tip here is: when your client starts talking, give signs that you’re paying attention, nod your head. Say things like “I understand…”, “Sure!” and write down a lot.

5- Don’t give information, show how to solve problems


– Our company’s technology is state-of-the-art. Everything was created with the help of international experts from major universities. I can guarantee that your production line will be much more agile!


– Our software analyzes in real time, with sensors, how the production of the line is flowing. You can monitor this even on your smartphone and make decisions quickly, even collaboratively via the cloud, with the rest of the team.

6- Do not describe features, point out your benefits

The approach is similar to the sales pitch example above, compare:

– Our machine uses very light and hyper-resistant metal alloys. The weight is approximately 12 kg and the cutting blades have diamond in their composition.


– Easy to load by one man, our machine reduces the size of field crews to a single operator. And because they are extremely robust, maintenance is cheaper and takes place at longer intervals. Furthermore, the cutting power is about 3 times higher than the market average.

Which of the two examples of sales discussions seems to you more like a salesperson? The second for sure!

You can even talk about the features, if the buyer wants to understand the benefits.

Bringing an explanatory pamphlet or even a quick video (1 minute, more or less) can be quite effective in this case.

7- Do not present too many options to the customer

As much as your company has a broad portfolio of products or services, prepare 2 or 3 “packages” of solutions to facilitate customer choice.

People tend to feel pressured when there is too much to choose from, see an example:

– Our company has more than 250 models of notebooks and desktops. But I took the liberty of creating 3 “hardware refresh projects” that I’m sure one of them will meet your needs. These are not ready-made packages, I made a personalized study, based on the specific characteristics of your company!

8- Show value, not cost

Of course, your customer will want to know the price of the solutions presented. But avoid a sales pitch focused on price, try to convey the value of the solution, see:

– With this investment, sales results tend to increase quickly, as you saw from the cases I presented. In addition, as decision-making is more agile, you will have time to dedicate to other tasks, less operational and more strategic for the company.

9- Ask for the sale!

It’s amazing, but many sellers are “ashamed” to ask for the sale.

The truth is, if you don’t, chances are the buyer won’t.

Here’s an example of how to use this in your sales pitch:

– Well, we saw that the investment is within your budget and that our solution can bring a number of benefits to your business. Can I show you a proposal on how we can put this into practice?