6 examples of extremely persuasive sales emails

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When you’re trying to make a sale, whether in person or through any media, it’s critical to be persuasive. But when it comes to a B2B business relationship, involving a consultative sale, you can’t simply “appeal” to retail “tricks.”

And when using email, you have some disadvantages. Sales spreadsheet kit to plan, motivate your team and not lose information

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For example, you cannot use your tone of voice, nor can you assess the client’s behaviour through body language or neurolinguistic reading and techniques.

How to solve this problem, of corporate email marketing then?

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Sales email example: check out 6 of them!

Robert Coalmine is a PhD in psychology and, in his book quoted above, introduces the 6 weapons of persuasion. See what they are:

Robert Coalmine’s 6 Weapons of Persuasion

  1. Reciprocity
  2. Commitment and consistency
  3. social proof
  4. appreciation
  5. Authority
  6. Scarcity

But how to use this when creating your emails? To help you apply these powerful weapons of persuasion, we’ve created a list of 6 sales email examples, each based on one of these weapons.


Human beings are grateful to those who help them. This is a behaviour that dates back to cave times when relying on the help of others was essential.

So an example of a commercial email exploiting this technique could look like this:

Dear Roberta!

How are you?

Every year, selecting our best customers to offer a package of advantages when purchasing our products.

In fact, it’s been 3 years since you’ve been among those chosen to have a plot in alnoor orchard with our business, and you’ve already benefited from advantages like these:

  • Housing society with modern salient features
  • Multiply your investment to 10

Big hug,

Realize that the customer has already benefited a lot from this company and will tend to maintain reciprocity by continuing to buy.

2- Commitment and consistency

Commitment and consistency is a tendency that human beings have to be firm in their opinions. It’s rare for a person to back down without good reason.

Therefore, to use this technique, it is important to know your customer and their preferences well.

See an example sales email in this style:

Carlos, how are you?

After some time maintaining an excellent relationship with you and your company, we know of your appreciation for the use of collaborative tools and cloud solutions.

Therefore, we would like to present some of the new solutions that we have developed and that serve as a glove for those who have this clear vision about the use of IT in companies.

We have just released new additional modules to our ERP, fully accessible remotely via the cloud. Check out some of them:

  • Box front
  • CRM Integration
  • Pricing

How about we schedule a visit so I can introduce you to everything in more detail?



3- Social proof

If your company has a large number of satisfied customers or famous customers or, better yet, famous and satisfied customers, this is typical social proof that you can use to your advantage.

Social proof consists of showing that a portion of society that your customer respects and admires has already adopted the solution your company sells. And if you have a testimonial showing this, it’s critical to include it in your sales email.

Here’s an example sales email using this technique:

Hello Mr. Andrade!

Thank you for following our newsletter. We recently noticed that you downloaded our e-book on business automation and we’d like to share some interesting facts about our solution:

  • We serve more than 1,300 companies in this state alone.
  • 93% of our customers say they are satisfied, very satisfied or extremely satisfied with our solution.
  • Companies like [name 3 or 4 famous companies] use our solution.

Check out the testimony of Elisabeth Fruits, IT vice-president of the company Tal:

[Include an actual testimonial from your customer].

We took this email to invite you to participate in a webinar on marketing automation, and we would also like to schedule a visit to your company to present our solution in even greater depth.

Big hug,

4- Appreciation

People appreciate beauty. We often don’t realize this, but we end up “judging a book by its cover”. Another very common form of appreciation is a resemblance. We like who looks like us.

In the case of corporate sales, this form of appreciation can be more effective, see:

Not everything, Julia?

I was screening potential customers to offer a new solution that we developed, and your name immediately caught my attention.


Because we created a solution that is the face of our business: agile, objective, and requires a little courage to take risks and innovate, to make it work.

And which of our customers can be more innovative, agile and objective than you?

Can I schedule a visit to introduce you to all the advantages of this new product?

Mariana Dias

5- Authority

In the case of the market, authority can be represented by a large company that is considered a model, a famous consultant in the field, and even an academic institution.

Thus, an example of a sales email using this weapon of persuasion could cite an article where your company was mentioned, a compliment from that consultant, or even the fact that you have signed a contract with the company that everyone admires.


Peyote, not everything?

I’m sending you this email to share a great achievement of our company.

We have just been mentioned in a Harvard article, by the famous consultant Dr. So-and-so, commenting on our success story with the market giant, are Empress Tal.

Use this link and download the article.

If you want to talk more about this new solution we’ve developed, I’m at your disposal.

Strong hug,


6- Scarcity

“Limited time offer!”, “Last units!” How many times have you not seen this in retail?

Of course, for B2B sales, the approach must be different. See more of this latest sales email example:

Dear Mr. Rodrigo Albuquerque

Our companies have had an excellent business relationship for some years and, therefore, we would like to make a special invitation.

We have just received a limited batch of the newest solution for maintaining special machines, like the ones you use in your business.

We are inviting a limited number of entrepreneurs to know the details of this new product, on an exclusive basis.

We need you to confirm your presence by the day did/mm.

Big hug,

We are awaiting your return,

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